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  • Indonesia cancels deal to buy Su-35 fighter jets from Russia

    The Indonesian authorities have decided not to go ahead with the purchase of Russian fighter jets, reported the Indonesian newspaper Nasional Kompas with reference to the chief of staff of Indonesia's Air Force, Fadjar Prasetyo.

    "With a heavy heart, we have to cancel plans to buy Su-35 fighters, because, as we initially said, the development of military power depends on budget funds," Fadjar Prasetyo said in a statement.

    Indonesia signed a contract for the supply of 11 aircraft worth $1.14 …

  • Indonesia considers buying American F-35s instead of Russian Su-35 fighter jets

    Indonesia’s Deputy Defense Minister Sakti Wahyu Trenggono assured that Jakarta has not canceled the purchase of 11 Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets from Russia. He denied rumors that the purchase of Su-35 fighter jets from Russia was cancelled because the pressure from US officials."We have never canceled it," Trenggono said, as quoted by CNN Indonesia.

    At the same time, Trenggono said that, at this time, Indonesia cannot buy the aircraft from Russia. According to him, there are still some obstacles. …

  • Russia denies reports that Indonesia cancelled contract to purchase Su-35 fighter jets

    The contract for the supply of 11 Su-35 fighter jets to Indonesia has not been terminated, reports the newspaper Vedomosti, citing two sources in the Russian aviation industry.

    According to the newspaper's sources, Russia has not received official notification of the termination of the agreement. However, as one of the newspaper's interlocutors admitted, "the contract is up in the air." One of the reasons for the inability to implement the agreement is the need for additional approvals to …

  • Turkey negotiating purchase of Su-35 fighter jets from Russia

    Russia and Turkey are close to signing an agreement for the supply of 36 Russian Su-35 fighter jets to the Turkish Air Force, reports the Turkish  publication Daily Sabah, citing its sources.

    It is also reported that the parties may agree on the production of some components of the Russian aircraft at Turkish enterprises as one of the conditions for the supply of Russian fighters.

    At the moment, there are no official statements from both sides, however, a few days ago, the head of the Russian …

  • Kremlin: Turkey may purchase Su-35 and Su-57 fighter jets from Russia

    There is a high probability that Turkey will be interested in the Russian combat aircraft of the new generation, but it will depend on many factors, reports RIA Novosti citing Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov.

    The Deputy Prime Minister did not rule out that Turkey would turn to Russia in the future for the purchase of modern warplanes, but this will depend on further relations between Ankara and Washington. According to him, Turkish officials expressed great interest in the Russian …

  • Turkey considers buying Su-35 fighters from Russia

    After purchasing S-400 “Triumph” aerial defense systems from Russia, Ankara is now investigating the possibility of buying Russian Su-35 fighters for the Turkish Air Force now that Turkey’s membership in the American F-35 program has been suspended, the Turkish news outlet Yeni Safak writes.

    According to the news outlet’s sources, the military officials responsible for rearming the Turkish Air Force have asked the Defense Ministry to consider Russia’s offer to sell Turkey Su-35s. If the …

  • Russia creates secret arms payment mechanism with India

    After nearly a year of being at an impasse, Russia’s arms deal negotiations with India have moved forward.

    Moscow and Delhi have agreed to a new settlement scheme for defense contracts, which have been under US sanctions since 2018, said Vladimir Drozhzhov, deputy director of Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, on Tuesday.

    The details of how this mechanism works are classified, Drozhzhov emphasized. The scheme, which is “fully agreed upon”, is “permanent and mutually …

  • Pentagon: Russian Su-35 fighter dangerously intercepted US surveillance aircraft

    On 4 June, a Russian Su-35 fighter intercepted an American P-8A “Poseidon” surveillance aircraft three times in international airspace over the Mediterranean Sea, the US 6th Fleet reported the following day. The second interception was considered “unsafe”.

    The Russian Su-35 flew at high speed directly in front of the American aircraft, resulting in a wave of turbulence that put the pilots’ lives at risk, the US military’s press service explained.

    The US Air Force stresses that it did not …

  • Russia to sell Egypt Su-35 fighter jets for $2 billion

    Russia has agreed to sell Cairo several dozen Su-35 multipurpose fighter jets for a price of $2 billion, Kommersant reports, citing two senior managers in the Russian defense industry.

    Egypt will also be buying MiG-29M and 29M2 fighters. At present, the Egyptian Air Force is using US-produced F-16s, French Mirage 2000s, Soviet-era MiG-21s and Chinese J-7s.

    According to an agreement signed at the end of 2018, Russia will also supply aircraft weaponry. The delivery is scheduled for 2020-2021. …

  • NATO fighters scrambled four times to intercept Russian aircraft over the Baltic last week

    NATO fighters, which protect the airspace of the Baltic countries, flew four times to intercept Russian aircraft last week, the Polish Radio reported.

    “NATO jets twice (on March 11 and 12) flew to identify the Russian Su-35 and Su-27 fighters, which accompanied Russian passenger planes Tu-134. On March 13 and 14, the fighters scrambled to intercept the Russian An-26 transport jets and one Il-18,” the statement read.

    The airspace of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is now being protected by …