Ukrainian Forces shoot down 10 Russian aircraft in 10 days

Over a ten-day period, Ukrainian Air Forces destroyed ten Russian aircraft worth an estimated $880 million, including seven Su-34 bombers, two Su-35 fighters, and an A-50 long-range radar detection plane.

On February 17, the Ukrainian Air Force reported the downing of three Russian aircraft in the East - two Su-34 fighter-bombers and one Su-35 fighter. The tally grew by one more Russian fighter by Sunday morning.

"At about six o'clock, the warriors of the Eastern air command downed another Russian aircraft - a Su-34 fighter-bomber in the Eastern direction,” said the press service of the Ukrainian Air Force.

This account continued, and on Monday, February 19, residents of occupied Mariupol reported explosions and an aircraft falling into the sea. Later, social media reports appeared that two Russian aircraft disappeared from radar. Eventually, the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced the destruction of two Russian aircraft, a Su-34 fighter-bomber and a Su-35S, which had been conducting strikes with guided bombs on our forces’ positions.

Another Russian fighter was downed by the Ukrainian Air Force on the morning of Wednesday, February 21, marking the seventh destroyed Russian aircraft in the last week.

"This time I can say that the Su-35 pilot was lucky – he maneuvered away and is no longer at risk. As for the Su-34 crew, they join our 'Eternal Flight' section," commented Air Force Commander Mykola Oleschuk.

On February 23, a Russian A-50 early warning aircraft was brought down by a Soviet-era S-200 anti-aircraft missile system.

On Tuesday, February 27, Ukrainian military forces shot down two more Su-34 fighter-bombers.

"The direction is the same! The target is unchanged! With such losses of combat and special aircraft, the Russians should think twice, or at least pause their 'aerial meat attacks.' Well, we continue our work," emphasized Oleschuk.

Thus, over ten days, Russia lost nine fighters and a long-range radar detection aircraft over Ukraine, bringing the total combat aircraft losses from 340 to 342.

The Su-34 and Su-35 are considered some of the most modern aircraft in the Russian forces. Despite sanctions complicating their production process, Russia continues to manufacture these planes, albeit at a rate of 2-3 units per year for the Su-34.

The Su-34, a Russian fighter-bomber developed from the Su-27, is built for striking targets, including moving ones. Its primary function is to deliver precise strikes against varied targets, ranging from enemy aircraft to ground targets in rear areas. The fighter-bomber is crewed by two persons, armed with a 30 mm caliber cannon, and can carry a maximum load of 8 tonnes across 12 hardpoints. Its radar system supports target recognition up to a range of 75,000 m, and it can reach speeds of up to 1,900 km/h.

The estimated cost of the Su-34 fighter-bomber is approximately $50 million. However, the aircraft’s price varies based on its additional capabilities and not all components are produced in Russia, though some can be acquired from other countries.

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