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  • Ukrainian Armed Forces receive new batch of modernized T-72 tanks

    Kyiv armor plant has delivered six upgraded T-72 tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    The company's specialists modified the equipment to improve its technical parameters and combat characteristics, reported the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

    The plant improved optical instruments, gun stabilization system, and the steering system. With this batch of tanks, the Kyiv plant completed the implementation of the contract with the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. All tanks will be handed over to units of …

  • Russia delivers another batch of T-72B1 tanks and BRDM-2M armored vehicles to Laos

    Russia is continuing to strengthen its ties to Laos, especially in the military sphere. The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported that, ahead of the 71st anniversary of the formation of the Lao People’s Armed Forces, Russia delivered a batch of tanks and armored vehicles to the Lao military. Russia also handed over an upgraded airport.

    According to the report, on January 20-21, a delegation from the Russian Defense Ministry took part in the events commemorating the 71st …

  • Kremlin: Russian army does not need new Armata tank

    The Armed Forces of Russia will not buy the new Armata tanks in large numbers, due to their costliness, lamented Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov on Monday, news outlet reports.

    He added that the T-72 tank already in the armament is far more attractive to the military, both technically and financially.

    The Armata tank has the letter “O”, which means that it is a prototype. When such prototypes are made, it implies that this is done not for technical interest’s sake, but …