Russia delivers another batch of T-72B1 tanks and BRDM-2M armored vehicles to Laos

Russia is continuing to strengthen its ties to Laos, especially in the military sphere. The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported that, ahead of the 71st anniversary of the formation of the Lao People’s Armed Forces, Russia delivered a batch of tanks and armored vehicles to the Lao military. Russia also handed over an upgraded airport.

According to the report, on January 20-21, a delegation from the Russian Defense Ministry took part in the events commemorating the 71st anniversary of the formation of the Lao People’s Armed Forces. In honor of the occasion, the Russian military delivered to the Lao Defense Ministry another batch of T-72B1 “White Eagle” tanks, a batch of BRDM-2M armored vehicles, and also handed over a modernized airport as part of Russia’s military-technical assistance to the country.

“On the sidelines of the commemorative ceremony, as part of the provision of military-technical assistance, there was a handover of another batch of Russian military equipment to Laos – T-72 tanks and BRDM-2M armored vehicles, as well as the Thong Hai Hin airfield, modernized by Russian specialists, which is located in the Xiangkhouang province,” the Russian military department said in a statement.

Laos is trying to develop its economic, military and political ties to Russia, primarily focusing on Russian weaponry. Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, the Lao government has bought Yak-130 combat training aircraft and T-72B1 White Eagle tanks from Russia. The Lao armed forces previously had PT-76 and T-34-85 tanks and other military equipment produced in the Soviet Union.

In December, Russia and Laos conducted their first ever joint military exercise – “Laros-2019”.

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