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  • Washington: ‘Serious’ US companies are considering buying Ukraine’s Motor Sich

    William Taylor, Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Kyiv, said that “serious American” companies are investigating the possibility of buying the Ukrainian aerospace company Motor Sich, KyivPost reports.

    “There are several serious American and other companies interested in Motor Sich. They’re doing legal due diligence, looking at financial reports, visiting the plant, and talking to the owners. They’re doing a serious analysis,” Taylor told a number of Ukrainian media outlets.

    Taylor did …

  • US Ambassador to Ukraine: I have warned Zelensky repeatedly that Kolomoisky could cause him to fail

    US Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine William Taylor said that he has warned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on multiple occasions that the harmful influence of the oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky could lead to his downfall. Taylor spoke about this on October 22 during closed hearings related to the impeachment of US President Donald Trump.

    “The influence of one particular oligarch over Mr. Zelensky is of particular concern. This person is Kolomoisky, and Kolomoisky has growing influence,” said …

  • US Ambassador to Ukraine: Zelensky’s team blames Poroshenko for consequences of war in Donbas

    Former US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker hinted to the Office of the President of Ukraine that they should abandon the idea of prosecuting former president Petro Poroshenko.

    This was learned from the testimony which US Chargé d’Affaires in Kyiv William Taylor gave to Congress, a survey of which was published by Evropeiska Pravda.

    Taylor spoke of a meeting that he and Volker had with President Zelensky’s advisor Andriy Yermak and freelance advisor Ihor Novikov.

    “Ambassador …

  • US Ambassador to Ukraine: Kremlin would like to get out of Donbas

    US Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine William Taylor thinks that Russia would already like to get out of the Donbas on account of the sanctions and the expense of maintaining troops in Crimea and in the Donbas.

    “I think that there are signs that Russians and especially the Kremlin would like to get out of the Donbas. I see signs that the economic burden, which Russians are sensing – and it’s not just the sanctions, but the sanctions too, because sanctions still have a real effect on each Russian and …