US Ambassador to Ukraine: Kremlin would like to get out of Donbas

US Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine William Taylor thinks that Russia would already like to get out of the Donbas on account of the sanctions and the expense of maintaining troops in Crimea and in the Donbas.

“I think that there are signs that Russians and especially the Kremlin would like to get out of the Donbas. I see signs that the economic burden, which Russians are sensing – and it’s not just the sanctions, but the sanctions too, because sanctions still have a real effect on each Russian and on the Russian economy – the burden that is being paid by the Russian government and the Russian people impacts their economy. Because they have to pay for their troops in the Donbas, and for supporting their services in the Donbas and in Crimea,” Taylor told the Voice of America in an interview.

He said that the US intends to continue the sanctions on Russia and is open to discussing a possible resolution in any format.

“For this reason, we are continuing the sanctions and will talk to them in any format whatsoever… Because dialog seems to be going well between presidents Zelensky and Putin. If this format works, it’s an excellent format, because we have two people who need to reach an agreement for the Russians to leave the Donbas. And for them to ultimately leave Crimea,” he resumed.

Recently US President Donald Trump said that he could get involved in Ukraine peace negotiations if the other negotiation participants need him.

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