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  • US deploys strategic bombers to Europe

    The United States deployed another B-52H Stratofortress, strategic bomber capable of carrying nuclear cruise missiles and aerial bombs, to the RAF Fairford base in the UK, reported Interfax Ukraine with a reference to the air traffic control services.

    Earlier, three bombers had already landed at the Fairford airbase. According to reports, the number of the strategic bombers at the base may be increased to 6-8.

    There hasn’t been such a massive transfer of US Air Force strategic bombers to …

  • US to give Ukraine intelligence data about Donbas

    The US Air Force intends to give Ukraine the intelligence data that will be gathered during flights by the RQ-4 Global Hawk strategic surveillance drone over the region, Radio Liberty reports.

    The Pentagon refused to provide any specific details, noting only that all the flights will be coordinated with Ukraine.

    “The gathering of information, surveillance and intelligence carried out by the US Air Force will provide enough for our allies and partners to make decisions… Because this is a …

  • American aircraft conduct reconnaissance flights near Crimea

    On Sunday, the RQ-4B Global Hawk, a strategic unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV of the US Air Force carried out an eight-hour reconnaissance flight near the Black Sea coast of Russia, flying near the Crimea, the Kerch Strait and Kuban, Interfax reports, citing the monitoring data of Western aviation portals.

    Later in the afternoon, a US Navy P-8A Poseidon patrol plane joined it. Both aircraft took off from Sigonella Naval Air Station in Sicily, Italy. Both aircraft which can conduct electronic …

  • American strategic bomber approaches Russian borders

    A United States Air Force B-52H strategic bomber flew over the coast of the Murmansk region near Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land on September 15, Interfax reports, citing the aviation resources which monitor air traffic.

    The aircraft with serial number 61-0015 with the tail number Chaos43 departed from Fairford airbase in Britain and close to Russian borders, including the island of Alexandra Land, where the new Russian military base Arctic Shamrock is located.

    The bomber was above the …

  • US strategic drone conducts reconnaissance flight over Donbas

    On Friday, February 16, a RQ-4 Global Hawk strategic drone from the US Air Force conducted a reconnaissance flight along the line of demarcation in the Donbas, Interfax-Ukraine reported with reference to web sites tracking the air traffic of military aircraft.

     The US long-distance drone with tail number 10-2043, which took off from Sigonella airbase in Sicily, flew from north to south along the line of demarcation separating Ukraine from self-proclaimed LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic) and the …

  • The US will deliver missiles to two of Russia’s neighboring countries

    The US Air Force signed a contract with the Raytheon Missile Company for the production of AMRAAM missiles. The weapons will be delivered to ten countries around the world, including Poland and Japan, according to the Pentagon website.

    The advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles will be produced in Arizona. In addition to missiles, Raytheon will also manufacture spare parts and telemetric equipment. The contract for $634.2 million must be completed by January 31, 2020.

    According to the US …