US deploys strategic bombers to Europe

The United States deployed another B-52H Stratofortress, strategic bomber capable of carrying nuclear cruise missiles and aerial bombs, to the RAF Fairford base in the UK, reported Interfax Ukraine with a reference to the air traffic control services.

Earlier, three bombers had already landed at the Fairford airbase. According to reports, the number of the strategic bombers at the base may be increased to 6-8.

There hasn’t been such a massive transfer of US Air Force strategic bombers to Fairford since 2003, when up to 20 B-52H aircraft were deployed to participate in the American military operation against Iraq.

After the transatlantic flight, the bomber passed over England, headed through German airspace to the Baltic, and went directly towards the Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation.

Approaching the sea border of the Russian Federation at a distance of about 120 km, the plane remained in the zone of the Russian air defense only for a few minutes. Afterwards, it flew to the air base in the UK.

The American bomber flew at an altitude of 8,200 meters with the activated transponder.

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