US to give Ukraine intelligence data about Donbas

The US Air Force intends to give Ukraine the intelligence data that will be gathered during flights by the RQ-4 Global Hawk strategic surveillance drone over the region, Radio Liberty reports.

The Pentagon refused to provide any specific details, noting only that all the flights will be coordinated with Ukraine.

“The gathering of information, surveillance and intelligence carried out by the US Air Force will provide enough for our allies and partners to make decisions… Because this is a matter which concerns politics and security, we cannot discuss the operation details. We are using means for gathering information, surveillance and intelligence, based on threats in territories which have approached us for assistance. All missions are carried out in complete coordination with the host countries,” explained US Air Force spokesperson Captain Christopher Boyer-Meder.

The Global Hawk made its last documented flight along the demarcation line in the zone where Ukraine is carrying out the Joint Forces Operation on 1 March. The media has reported dozens of similar flights since 2016.

“If we talk about a large number of troops, if we talk about tanks and other types of systems that are needed for a major offensive operation – these are precisely the things that the Global Hawk easily detects. And when it comes to collecting intelligence data and surveillance, the visual studying of the enemy and the terrain, the Global Hawk is truly the best of the best,” observed Michael Carpenter, senior director at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.

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