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  • Moscow says US-Georgian exercises are a 'provacative move'

    Moscow sees the Noble Partner 2016 joint military exercises involving US and Georgian troops as "a provocative move aimed at the deliberate destabilization of the military-political situation in the South Caucasus." This was stated in commentary by the Department of Information and Press of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Grani reported.

    The Foreign Ministry believes that Washington and its allies "indulge revanchist aspirations of Tbilisi".

    The commentary referred to remarks made by …

  • US F-15s arrive in Finland for joint training flights

    US F-15 fighter planes arrived at the Finnish air base Rissala on Friday where they will take part in joint training flights with Finnish fighters. They will also participate in the Finnish-Swedish exercise Cross Border Training (CBT), as reported by Yle.

    It is the first time that American fighters will be based on Finnish territory. Earlier, US aircraft took part in flights within the framework of exercises in the air space of the country, but without taking off and landing from Finnish …

  • The US and the EU support energy reforms in Ukraine

    The USA, the EU and Canada will work closely with Ukraine towards its gradual integration into the European energy market.

    The Unites States of America and the European Union expressed support for energy reforms in Ukraine and strongly opposed the use of energy resources as weapons in the political arena. This was outlined in the joint statement of the USA and the EU following the meeting of the Council on Energy that took place on May 4, 2016, Deutsche Welle reported.

    The United States …

  • New US military contingent begins its work in Lithuania

    New U.S. troops stationed in Rukla, Lithuania have begun their work, as reported by

    According to the news portal, the contingent consists of about 260 servicemen. The American troops will continue exercises through the end of June in Lithuania. U.S. ground troops in Lithuania and other Baltic States have been revolving since the spring of 2014.

    Other allies have sent troops to Lithuania on an irregular basis; however the decision on whether to deploy a regular battalion consisting …

  • US tanks arrive in Georgia for joint military exercises

    More than a dozen US M1A2 Abram tanks have arrived in Georgia to participate in the Noble Partner 2016 military exercises, Radio Svoboda reported.

    The exercises involving American, Georgian, and British soldiers will begin on May 11th.

    The Abrams tanks and Bradley M2 infantry fighting vehicles arrived in Vaziani, a suburb of Tbilisi, on Thursday, at a former Russian army base.

    "Exercise Noble Partner is a bilateral effort focused on enhancing U.S. and Georgian NATO Response Force …

  • US Defense Department: NATO will protect its allies from Russian aggression

    The Unites States Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, stated on May 3rd that NATO will protect its allies from Russia’s aggression and will uphold international order. In his statement during the introduction of a new NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Carter noted that if Russia ceases saber-rattling, NATO will work together with Russia in fighting global challenges in the security area.

    “But it’s up to the Kremlin to decide. We don’t seek another Cold War with Russia, let alone open …

  • Moldova and the US begin joint military exercises

    Moldova and the US began joint military exercises on May 3rd. As Radio Svoboda reported, the exercises, codenamed Dragon Pioneer 2016, will last more than two weeks, and will involve more than 200 US soldiers.

    The American servicemen arrived on the territory of Moldova from Romania on May 2nd.

    The pro-Russian opposition Socialist Party of Moldova called on their supporters to block the route of the US military, though only ten individuals participated in the blockade, and the column was …

  • US Congressman: The US shouldn't invest in the modernization of Russia by purchasing rockets

    On April 28th, a Republican member of the U.S. Congress, Duncan Hunter, during a discussion in the U.S. House Committee on Armed Services stated that the United States shouldn’t support the military modernization of Russia by buying rocket engines to launch American military satellites.

    “There is no reason to fill Putin’s pockets, when we don’t need 18 rocket engines right now. Do you see that when you vote for it, you will be contributing to Russian military modernization,” Duncan Hunter …

  • Power: Conditions in the Donbas do not meet those required to hold elections

    During a UN Security Council meeting in New York, the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Samantha Power, stated that conditions in the Donbas are not sufficient to meet the standards of Ukrainian or international election laws.

    Power emphasized the importance of conducting local elections in the Donbas in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and international standards.

    “Citizens and observers who monitor the elections need sufficient security during the elections in order …

  • Russian Mig-31 intercepted US reconnaissance plane near Kamchatka

    A Pentagon spokesman reported that a MiG-31 accompanied the antisubmarine Pi-8 aircraft, Poseidon, at times as closely as 15 meters away, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

    As an official representative of the U.S. Pacific Command, Cmdr. Dave Benham reported, the Pi-8 aircraft performed its planned task in international airspace. He stated that the interception was "safe and professional." Interceptions between the US planes and military aircraft from other countries occur often and in …