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  • Scaparotti: The US must provide Ukraine with weapons

    The U.S.A. must provide Ukraine with the weapons it needs, including Javelin anti tank missiles, as stated by General Curtis Scaparotti who may become chair of the European NATO and U.S.A. command after Philip Breedlove, Reuters reports.

    Scaparotti emphasized that he agrees with other Generals that Russia poses the biggest threat for the U.S.A. and Washington should strongly defend their rights.

    Speaking in the Senate, the General emphasized that he believes that the U.S.A. should provide …

  • Media: EU countries could be fined for lifting sanctions against Russia

    Despite the attitude of European businesses toward the anti-Russian sanctions, EU leaders will not dare to remove them because they fear punitive measures by the United States, Wirtschaftswoche reported.

    It is becoming increasingly difficult for the German government to persuade other EU countries to extend the anti-Russian sanctions. For example, Hungary and Greece were initially skeptical about this, but now Austria and Italy are demanding the sanctions to be eased, the German newspaper …

  • US concerned by Russia's transfer of weapons to Syria

    Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes, stated that the White House is concerned by recent information indicating that Russia is transferring more weapons into Syria.

    “We are concerned that Russia is transferring military equipment into Syria,” Voice of America reported, citing the statement of Obama’s Deputy Adviser at the press conference in Riyadh.

    According to Rhodes, on March 14th, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a public statement regarding the withdrawal of Russian troops …

  • Russia promises to react to presence of US destroyer near Kaliningrad

    Moscow believes that the emergence of a U.S. destroyer vessel near its borders is an attempt to put military pressure on the state. Reuters reports that the appearance of the USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea near Kaliningrad marks what the Russians call an attempt of Washington to exert military pressure on Moscow. This was stated by Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to NATO, Alexander Grushko.

    Grushko made the comment after completion of the first session of the NATO-Russia …

  • Russia is the only state among the G20 countries that wishes for Trump to win US presidential race

    Russia is the only country in the G20 that, according to YouGov, prefers Donald Trump as president. Most other respondents would like to see Hillary Clinton win the US presidential race.

    Among the major developed countries of the world, Russia is the only one that would like US Republican and billionaire Donald Trump to win the presidential elections. This follows from the results of a poll, conducted by the research company YouGov among 20 thousand adult respondents, that was commissioned by …

  • Media: US vetoed supply of Israeli drones to Russia reported that the US Administration vetoed further sales of Israeli-produced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to Russia.

    According to knowledgeable sources, in the past month, Russian companies repeatedly contacted Israeli UAV producers, trying purchase more drones. However, after the Israeli Ministry of Defense verified the possible realization of such deals, it became clear that such agreements would be vetoed by America. Negotiations were suspended indefinitely.

    Earlier, …

  • Samantha Power explains why the US does not supply Ukraine with weapons

    US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power stated on Sunday, April 17th during an interview for Voice of America that the US does not provide Ukraine with weaponry because it wishes to prevent an escalation of the conflict in Donbas. Washington considers Ukrainian reforms and sanctions against Russia to be more effective counters against the Kremlin’s aggression.

    "The White House considers that a military solution to the conflict would be a tragedy for everyone… If we provide Ukraine …

  • Russia says Su-27's barrel roll over US aircraft was not dangerous

    Military commanders in Moscow insist on compliance of the Russian fighter jet with international rules in the case of the incident with a US spy plane over the Baltic Sea.

    Russian fighter jet Su-27 did not commit a dangerous rapprochement with the US Air Force aircraft in the skies over the Baltic Sea. The official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Major General Igor Konashenkov, made such a statement on Sunday, April 17. According to him, "the entire flight …

  • German Intelligence: Russia is using Snowden to drive a wedge between the US and Europe

    According to the BND, Moscow used Edward Snowden to create turmoil between the United States and Western Europe. German intelligence services claim that the Kremlin uses every opportunity to discredit Germany.

    Russia is trying to use the well-known US intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden to drive a wedge between Western Europe and the United States. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Federal Intelligence Service BND, Gerhard Schindler and the head of the Federal Office for the …

  • Donald Trump has not responded to invitation to visit Crimea

    The website Kryminform, which is closely tied to Crimean authorities, reported that U.S. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, ignored an invitation by the head of the Russian-controlled Administration of Yalta, Andrei Rostenko, to visit Crimea.

    But, as Rostenko noted, in the event of Trump’s victory in the elections, the invitation will be repeated.

    “We haven’t had an answer yet. I think that he is busy campaigning. If he wins, we will repeat our invitation,” he said.

    The Russian …