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  • Group of NATO ships enters Black Sea

    Two frigates from the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) have entered the Black Sea – HMCS Toronto of the Royal Canadian Navy and Santa María of the Spanish Navy. The destroyer HNLMS Evertsen of the Royal Netherlands Navy had entered the Black Sea earlier. All three ships are being escorted by the Turkish frigate “Gelibolu”.

    A post retweeted by the official NATO Maritime Command stated that the ships will participate in the “Sea Shield” exercise alongside NATO’s Ukrainian and Georgian …

  • Poroshenko and Volker visit US missile destroyer in Odessa

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko met with US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker on board the missile cruiser USS Donald Cook (DDG 75), which had recently arrived at the Port of Odessa, the president’s website reported.

    Poroshenko remarked on the symbolism of the meeting taking place on board the Donald Cook, which is a frequent visitor to the Black Sea and Odessa.

    “It is a legendary ship, and it is an important signal to the Kremlin in the fifth year of …

  • Russia sends navy ships to monitor USS Donald Cook guided-missile destroyer in the Black Sea

    The Russian Black Sea Fleet organized continuous monitoring of a US missile destroyer that entered the Black Sea, reported RBC-Ukraine, citing the Russian media. 

    "On February 19, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. Moscow time, the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) entered the waters of the Black Sea. The forces and resources of the Black Sea Fleet organized continuous monitoring of the US missile destroyer. Direct control of its actions is ensured by the small missile ship …

  • US guided-missile destroyer is en route to Odessa, Ukraine

    On February 19, the U.S. guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) entered the Black Sea. On February 25, it is planned to arrive at the port of Odessa.

    The U.S. Sixth Fleet Command reports that the U.S. Navy’s missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DD G75) arrived to "conduct maritime security operations and enhance stability in the region."

    According to Dumskaya, this ship will take part in joint exercises with the NATO allies’ ships. Ukrainian ships will also take part in these …

  • Kyiv: Germany is ready to send warships to the Black Sea

    During a meeting with the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense, Anatoliy Petrenko, representatives of the German government assured their readiness to support Ukraine and to send German warships to the Black Sea region to deter Russian aggression. 

    The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s press service reports that the Ukrainian delegation in Germany discussed the Ukrainian security question with the Commissioner for Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, German Foreign Minister Michael Siebert …

  • Russian military say they are monitoring USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea

    The Russian military stated that they are monitoring the presence of USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea, reported the National Defense Management Center of Russia on January 19. 

    “Forces of the Black Sea Fleet started monitoring the US Navy’s guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook right after it entered the waters of the Black Sea,” Interfax cites the center as saying. The US naval destroyer is currently being followed by the Pytlivy, a Russian Black Sea Fleet patrol vessel. 

    Russia stated …

  • US missile destroyer enters the Black Sea

    The USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) is heading for the Bosporus strait through the Dardanelles, and will enter the Black Sea within several hours, the US Sixth Fleet Command announced.

    “The US and the US Navy continue to stand alongside our allies and partners in support of shared regional interests and maritime stability,” said Matthew J. Powell, commander of the destroyer. “Our arrival into the Black Sea will showcase the Navy’s interoperability in pursuit of common security objectives in this …

  • American destroyer with Tomahawk missiles entered the Mediterranean Sea

    According to the command of the 6th Fleet of the United States, Destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill joined the Mediterranean group of ships of the US Navy. The ship carries several dozen cruise missiles. "The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG 81) entered the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations April 10, 2018, to conduct a routine deployment in support of U.S. maritime security interests, increased regional stability and forward naval presence in the U.S. 6 …

  • The Kremlin supports MoD's position on incident with USS Donald Cook

    According to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin supports the Russian Defense Ministry’s position on the incident earlier this week in which Russian Su-24 aircraft buzzed a US naval destroyer in the Baltic Sea, Eko Moskva reported.

    The Russian Defense Ministry and the Kremlin maintain that the Su-24s flew over international waters and observed all safety precautions.  "The principle of freedom of navigation for the US destroyer, which is staying in …