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  • WTO rejects Kyiv’s complaint regarding Russian ban on Ukrainian goods transit

    The World Trade Organization (WTO) for the first time stated its position on the governments’ rights to challenge trade restrictions imposed by other countries in connection with the need to protect their security. On Friday, April 5, the WTO dispute settlement body’s arbitration group published its resolution of Ukraine’s complaint regarding the Moscow-imposed restrictions on Ukrainian cargo transit imposed in 2016.

    The organization’s arbitrators recognized that WTO had the authority to …

  • Russia to impose new tariffs on European goods

    Russia is planning to impose additional restrictions on goods imported from the EU. The Russian government has sent a corresponding notice to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

    The restrictions will be a response to the EU’s 25% tariff on Russian steel which came into force on 2 February, according to the notice published on the WTO website.

    The exact nature of the restrictions has not yet been decided, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development told Interfax.

    According to the WTO’s rules, …

  • Ukraine may end railway traffic to and from Russia

    Ukraine intends to stop railway traffic between itself and Russia, said Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan, as cited by TSN.

    According to Omelyan, the government is currently considering such a course of action. “We are currently considering the option of ending railway traffic with Moscow,” he said.

    The minister later explained his statement in a comment on Interfax-Ukraine.

    “We are preparing a number of countermeasures in relation to what Russia is doing in our occupied …

  • Russia threatens to withdraw from WTO due to multibillion dollar EU lawsuit

    Russia can withdraw from the World Trade Organization (WTO) in case the EU's claim to recover 1.39 billion euros per year from Russia due to the restriction on pork imports is satisfied. The very fact that the EU sanctions were introduced against Russia completely contradicts the principles of the WTO, the first deputy head of the economic committee of the Council of Federation Sergey Kalashnikov said to RIA Novosti on Sunday.

    Earlier, Politico reported that the European Union intends to …

  • Ukraine preparing the fourth lawsuit to WTO against Russia

    Ukraine will file a new lawsuit against Russia through the World Trade Organization (WTO) before the end of the year. It will concern the supply of agricultural products, stated Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Nataliya Mykolska, during the inaugural economic forum "Support for Ukraine's Economic Development: Cooperation Between the Ukrainian Government and the Diaspora", which met in Kyiv on Friday.

    "We are completing the final work to file a lawsuit regarding …

  • Russia wants to leave WTO

    A bill for Russia to leave the World Trade Organization (WTO) has been introduced in the State Duma.

    The initiative was put forward by a group of MPs from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) who said that Russia’s membership in the WTO does not bring the country any major benefit. In particular, they pointed out that the WTO obliges each country to align the tariffs on natural monopolies in comparison to other member states, despite the fact that Russia uses its own energy …

  • Russia submits a dispute claim against Ukraine to the WTO

    Russia has submitted a dispute case to the World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement body in connection with the sanctions imposed by Ukraine. This was reported by the head of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Maxim Oreshkin, on Saturday, May 20. "The Russian mission to the WTO in Geneva sent a request to the WTO dispute settlement body and the Government of Ukraine for consultations in connection with the constant restrictions being imposed since 2014, including prohibitions, …

  • Ukraine loses billions of dollars due to the financial aggression of Russia

    Direct financial losses for Ukraine as a result of Russia’s aggressive trading amount to nearly a billion dollars, Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Trade and Trade Representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska said in an interview with DT.UA.

    The greatest loses affected exports to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

    “Our biggest losses were exports to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, where 40 percent of exports was lost. But exports to other countries were also hit as well. If it’s all totaled up, …

  • Ukraine filed a new lawsuit with the WTO against Russia

    Ukraine filed a lawsuit against Russia with the World Trade Organisation due to the restrictions on the transit of Ukrainian goods.

    This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

    “On the 9th of February, Ukraine filed a request with the WTO to create a group of experts on the matter of the numerous restrictions on transit from Ukrainian territory through Russian territory and also that of other countries: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan” the report …