Ukraine filed a new lawsuit with the WTO against Russia

Ukraine filed a lawsuit against Russia with the World Trade Organisation due to the restrictions on the transit of Ukrainian goods.

This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

“On the 9th of February, Ukraine filed a request with the WTO to create a group of experts on the matter of the numerous restrictions on transit from Ukrainian territory through Russian territory and also that of other countries: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan” the report states.

After a deep and comprehensive free trade zone started to function between Ukraine and the EU on the 1st of January 2016, Russia introduced transit restrictions on roads and railways from Ukraine to Kazakhstan, and as of the 1st of July 2016, to Kyrgyzstan.

“According to experts’ estimates, nearly 79% of exports from Ukraine to Kazakhstan and 95% to Kyrgyzstan have suffered as a result of the restrictions and the partial ban from Russia,” the report notes.

The Ministry of Economy tried to resolve the transit dispute in the context of the WTO, but this did not succeed.

“Since Russia was not prepared to resolve the dispute during the first phase and did not adopt measures to lift the illegitimate, discriminating and economically unsubstantiated restrictions relating to transit, the Ukrainian side has continued the case in keeping with the established procedure, and for the start of the next phase of the dispute (essentially the case proceedings), a request was filed with the WTO to create a group of experts,” the report states.

The lawsuit is already the second in the recent period – in December the WTO started considering the dispute regarding Russia’s restriction on the importing of cars and equipment.

“Materials are currently being collected in preparation for the next lawsuit, which will cover the numerous bans and restrictions on the importing of Ukrainian goods into Russia,” the MEDT reported.

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