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  • Ukrainian rocket manufacturer purchases aluminum from Russia

    In a recent press release, the Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant (Yuzhmash) has confirmed the media reports that the company has bought aluminum from a supplier in Russia.

    Yuzhmash also said that the journalists’ speculation about the purpose of the purchase was correct, namely that the aluminum in question will be used to make the basic structure of the first stage of an Antares launch vehicle.

    “We report furthermore that the number of Yuzhmash’s suppliers is in the hundreds. They represent …

  • Ukraine to build floating spacecraft launch platform

    The Ukrainian Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant or Yuzhmash started creating a spacecraft launch floating platform in Kherson, stated the plant’s General Director, Serhiy Voyt, Ukrinform reports. 

    “Ukraine does not have its own Cosmodrome (spacecraft launch site) but Yuzhmash itself specializes in manufacturing of rockets and is involved in foreign economic activity with 23 countries, including Europe. We should have our own platform for launching spacecraft and it can be created in the Kherson …