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  • Poll: only three countries in the world have positive perception of Russia

    American Pew Research Center surveyed residents of 37 countries around the world regarding their attitude towards Russia.

    It turned out that only 34% out of 41,000 respondents have an amiable opinion of Russia. Another 40% have negative feelings about Russia and the rest have not yet decided.

    There are three countries where the majority of the population had a positive attitude towards Russia, Vietnam (83%), Greece (64%), and the Philippines (55%).

    This year, a negative attitude towards …

  • 63 percent of Georgians said Russia is the biggest threat to their country

    In a poll published by the National Democratic Institute, 63% of Georgians consider Russia to be the biggest threat to their country, Georgia Online reports.

    "When asked which country poses the greatest threat to Georgia, 63% of the population named Russia while 6% chose Turkey and 5% said the United States of America," the report said.

    When asked which country would best ensure Georgia’s security, 35% answered the United States while 12% said Georgia itself and 10% believed Russia would be …

  • Poll: 72 percent of participants in survey ready to vote in favor of Ukraine joining NATO

    Sixty-two percent of Ukrainians are ready to take part in a referendum regarding Ukraine joining NATO. Of these, 72% would vote in favor of Ukraine becoming part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. These were the results of a survey conducted by the Razumkov Center and the Democratic Initiatives Fund.

    Forty-four percent of the respondents feel that joining the alliance is the best way to ensure the security of the country.

    Sociologists note that since 2014 there has been a noticeable …

  • Survey: 34 percent of Russians would expect improved relations with the US under Trump

    34% of Russians surveyed expected that relations between the United States and Russia would improve if Republican candidate billionaire Donald Trump is elected President of the United States. RIA Novosti made the report citing data from the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (WCIOM).

    About half of the respondents said they expected complications in interaction between the two countries if Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton comes to power. About 36% believe that Trump’s victory …

  • Poll: Russian citizens consider the US, Ukraine and Turkey to be their main opponents

    Russian residents believe that the United States, Ukraine and Turkey are the main enemies of the country. These are the results of the last survey by Levada Center, dedicated to the attitude of Russians to other countries.

    The USA is the most hostile to Russia, according to 72% of Russians. Ukraine took second place with the highest ever recorded rate of 48% (in 2015 only 37% thought so). The third most unfriendly country is Turkey. In 2015 only 1% of the respondents thought Turkey was …

  • Poll: More than half of Russians belive Stalin played a positive role in the country's history

    According to a poll conducted by the Levada Center, 54% of Russian citizens believe that Josef Stalin played a positive role in the country’s history, Vedmosti reported. Approximately the same number of respondents believe that Stalin was a wise leader who led the Soviet Union to prosperity. The majority of respondents (60%) would not want to live under such a head of state, falling from 74% in 2008.

    At the same time, two-thirds of respondents considered Stalin to be a tyrant, responsible for …

  • Poll: Almost 30% of Ukrainians think it is necessary to continue the war in the Donbas

    Almost a third of Ukrainians (29.9%) believe that it is necessary to continue the war in the Donbas until Ukraine has fully regained control over the entire region, as indicated by data from a survey by the Razumkov Center.

    At the same time 22.6% of respondents supported providing a special autonomous status to the territories not controlled by Kiev and 21.5% would support their separation from Ukraine.

    As noted by sociologists, in comparison with data from March of 2015, the share of those …

  • Poll finds Russians' trust in Putin is decreasing

    Over the past year, the number of Russians that trust President Vladimir Putin has decreased, according to a survey conducted by the Levada Center. According to sociologists, 21% "completely trust" Putin, 52% "somewhat trust", and 14% chose "somewhat not trust". Last year, the corresponding response options chose 26%, 57% and 14% respectively.

    Thus, the index of confidence has decreased by 10% overall. Dozhd reported the results of the survey conducted in March this year.

    When asked, "How …

  • Survey suggests 74 percent of Russians are ready to vote for Putin

    According to a public opinion survey, 74% of Russians are ready to vote for Putin in the presidential elections.  This data was provided by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (RPORC).

    This is the highest percentage of support that Putin has received in the last four years.  He only received 40% in October 2012.

    In January, only 15% of the respondents had said that they would not support him in 2018.  In 2012, this amount was 39%.

    The RPORC noted that his support varies among the …

  • Poll suggests almost half of Russian-speakers in Estonia would defend their country

    In case of war almost half of the Russian-speaking citizens of the country are ready to defend Estonia, as suggested by a survey conducted by the Turu-Uuringute AS, commissioned by the Institute for Social Studies in January 2016, according to the publication.

    Of those surveyed, 71% of Estonian-speakers and 45% of the Russian-speakers in the country feel they have the skills and are ready to defend Estonia.  Furthermore, 90% of Estonian-speakers and 69% of Russian-speakers would agree …