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  • Poll suggests 96% of Russians don't want a revolution in their country

    According to a public opinion poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 96% of Russian citizens do not want a repeat of the Euromaidan revolution in their country, as reported by

    Last year, the number of Russians who had a positive view of Ukraine decreased from 60% to 50%.  Currently, 36% of the respondents have a negative perception of Ukraine.

    The survey also revealed that 34% of Russians believed that the Euromaidan resulted in anarchy and …

  • Poll shows that more than half of Russians think Nemtsov's assassins will never be found

    A survey conducted by the Russian polling organization, Levada Center, has revealed that 52% of Russians believe that participants in the murder of Boris Nemtsov will never be found.  Only 10% were sure that they would be apprehended.  This was reported by the Kommersant daily newspaper.

    A quarter of the survey takers think that the truth about the assassination will never be known.  Many believe that random people will be appointed as guilty.  The survey also showed that 22% think that the  …