Poll shows that more than half of Russians think Nemtsov's assassins will never be found

A survey conducted by the Russian polling organization, Levada Center, has revealed that 52% of Russians believe that participants in the murder of Boris Nemtsov will never be found.  Only 10% were sure that they would be apprehended.  This was reported by the Kommersant daily newspaper.

A quarter of the survey takers think that the truth about the assassination will never be known.  Many believe that random people will be appointed as guilty.  The survey also showed that 22% think that the investigators will “find the guilty parties, but are unlikely to reveal the names of the participants.”

Boris Nemtsov, an opposition politician, was killed on the 27th of February 2015 near the Kremlin in Moscow.  According to the survey, only 38% of Russians remember this event.

Five Chechen citizens were detained in connection with the murder.  On the 18th of November, the court in absentia arrested the alleged organizer of the Nemtsov’s murder, a former officer of the Norther battalion of the Interior Ministry of Chechnya, Ruslan Muhudinov.  Colleagues and friends of Nemtsov have also repeatedly declared the involvement of the Head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, in the murder.

A coordinated march will be held on the anniversary of Nemtsov’s death this year, the 27th of February, in Moscow.  According to the survey, 54% of Russians do not care about this event, 44% of people living in Moscow are “disinterested” in the march while 19% of Moscow residents are dissatisfied with the march.

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