Aksyonov hopes to increase cargo turnover between Crimea and Syria

The Kremlin-controlled head of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, reported to the Crimean edition of Kryminform, which has close ties to the authorities that by the end of the year the cargo turnover between the annexed Crimea and Syria could reach 150 thousand tons.

According to Aksyonov, the first shipment with 2.5 thousand tons of barley has already been sent from the Crimea to Syria.

“Today we discussed the details for the return load (of the vessel). We have set a goal that by the end of the year cargo turnover via the Crimean seaports will be about 150 thousand tons in both directions. We have determined our position regarding the citrus fruits and olive oil. There is a demand for such building materials as marble and granite. A number of samples have already been taken,” the publication quoted Aksyonov.

Aksyonov previously stated that agreements worth 215 billion rubles were concluded at the economic forum organized by the Russian authorities in Yalta.

 An economic forum in Yalta, organized by the Russian authorities of the Crimea, started on April 18. The main events will be held in the Sanatorium-resort complex Mriya Resort & SPA and in the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka.

The internationally recognized Ukrainian territory of Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation in March of 2014 in the wake of the Ukrainian revolution. The Kremlin has faced international condemnation for its annexation of the Peninsula, leading many western countries to impose economic sanctions against Russia. In the United Nations, only Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Syria recognize Crimea as a legitimate federal subject of Russia.

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