Ukrainian military command: pro-Russian militants shelled Dokuchaievsk

Dokuchaievsk, which is not under Ukrainian control, was bombarded with heavy weapons, most likely 82-mm mortars, by militants, as reported by the press center of the Ukrainian military command in the Donbas.

"According to unconfirmed reports, as a result of the shelling, there are casualties among local civilians," the report of the Ukrainian military reads.

The press-service mentioned that Ukrainian solders near Novotroitske noticed that during the shelling of Ukrainian positions from 82-mm mortars, the militants fired both towards the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Novotroitske and towards Dokuchaievsk which is under the control of pro-Russian  forces.

 “Russian mercenaries again are creating pretext for accusing the Ukrainian military of shelling peaceful front-line towns,”  added the Ukrainian military command.

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