Baltic States and Poland begin next stage in synchronizing power transmissions systems

The technical phase of the program of the synchronization of the electricity systems of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia through Poland has begun, reported Polish Radio .

All four countries and the European Commission supported the project. Synchronizing the systems should be completed by 2025.

During the National Energy Summit in Gdansk, Piotr Naimski, the Polish government's adviser on strategic energy infrastructure, called attention to the fact that gas interconnections between Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic were also being built. According to him, this is a contribution to the field of regional cooperation. European Union countries and individual governments are responsible for energy security, but regional cooperation and, if possible, cooperation at a level encompassing all of Europe enhances security.

Piotr Naimski, the Polish government's adviser on strategic energy infrastructure, noted that for energy security, cooperation among countries in the region is very important: “In order to have a secure supply of energy, we, Poland, should and want to cooperate with our neighbors. Because in the current energy market, you could say that energy flow often takes place across borders.

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