China calls on Russia to resolve its missile conflict with the USA through dialogue

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared Russia's withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty or INF. The United States has already begun its withdrawal from this treaty that was established in 1987.

“The USA's withdrawal from the INF treaty will lead to serious negative consequences,” said spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, Geng Shuang, the Ministry's press service reports. Geng expressed Beijing’s regrets that on February 2, Washington began its withdrawal from this historic treaty.

The USA's unilateral withdrawal from the INF treaty can lead to a number of serious consequences. China intends to monitor developments with particular attention,” the diplomat stressed, demanding that Russia and the USA resolve their differences through talks.

He also opposed increasing the number of participants in the treaty and urged both countries to maintain the current treaty.

“Expanding the INF treaty will affect complex political, military and legal issues. Many states express concern over this issue. China opposes multilateralism of the treaty. It is important to maintain the current treaty and to fulfill its commitments, not to create a new one,” Geng concluded.

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