Media: Cost of the Kerch Bridge is three times higher than the price of the longest bridge in the world

The cost of the Kerch Bridge, which is about 19 kilometers long, is almost three times higher than the cost of the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, a bridge 164.8 kilometers long between Shanghai and Beijing, reports website

Chinese engineers erected the Danyang-Kunshan Viaduct Chinese in two years. About nine kilometers of the bridge is built above the surface of the water. In addition to the highway, a high-speed railway line has also been laid there.
The entire project cost China nearly $1.42 billion. Construction of one kilometer of the bridge stood at about $8,800.

The Kerch Bridge, which will connect mainland Russia with the annexed Crimea, began construction in April 2015 and has cost more than the Chinese bridge. The cost of the project is about 228 billion rubles (almost $4 billion). This amount has been growing steadily since the beginning of construction. On average, about $209,000 has been spent per meter of the Kerch bridge.

The construction of the Kerch bridge was not coordinated and agreed with Ukraine.

  Kerch Strait Bridge, Crimea, Russia