Daughter of former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Shokin plans to sue Biden over insult to her grandmother

Former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin’s daughter Alina intends to sue former US Vice President Joe Biden. She regarded a statement made by Biden to be an insult to her grandmother.

"I have considered the situation of former Vice President Biden's speech, in which he insulted my late grandmother and my father. Considering this concerns my whole family, I am planning to go to court to protect the dignity of my family and show the highest principles of the equality of all American citizens before the law," she wrote on Twitter. Shokin’s daughter is a US citizen.

Shokin himself, in a commentary to Ukrainskaya Pravda, reported that he was aware of the intention of his daughter to file a lawsuit.

"I know that she is planning to do this. She is of age, an adult; she is 40 years old, [and] she has a personal opinion. Most of all, she was amazed that her deceased grandmother was recalled. A father is one thing in itself, but a grandmother! He so shamed her, this Biden, that she decided to take such a decision," Shokin said.

In late January, Biden, speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) of the United States, said that he threatened the Ukrainian authorities in 2016 that he would deprive Ukraine of one billion dollars of credit guarantees if Shokin were not dismissed. "And that son of a bitch was fired," Biden said.

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