Denmark approves construction of Baltic Pipe gas pipeline's offshore section

The Polish gas operator Gaz-System, which is building the Baltic Pipe pipeline together with the Danish company Danish Energinet SOV, reported that the Danish government has approved the construction of the Baltic Pipe pipeline's offshore section, through which Norwegian gas will be delivered to Poland.

The obtained permit applies to two sections of a pipeline with a total length of 133 km.

The permit from the Danish government is the first permit out of three necessary licenses for the construction of the pipeline in the offshore section. Permission from the Polish and Swedish authorities is also required.

Construction of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline is expected to begin next year. It is expected that the transit of gas form the Norwegian continental shelf will begin in October 2022.

The pipeline will transport 10 billion cubic meters of gas to Poland every year.

Earlier, Denmark refused to give the permission to build Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in its waters. Russia is ready to lay the pipeline bypassing Denmark, but this will lead to a delay in construction.

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