Kyiv: toxic emissions at Crimean Titan plant caused by industrial accident

An industrial accident took place at the Titan Investments (“Crimean Titan”) plant in the annexed Crimea, said Kherson Governor Andriy Hordeev at a press conference.

“According to information acquired by our intelligence, they had an industrial accident. What caused it is yet to come out. The fact that they concealed it from citizens is true. As far as we know, they are urgently filling in that acid storage facility with phosphate gypsum and lime in order to quell the reaction of the sulfuric acid and stop its emissions into the atmosphere,” Hordeev noted.

According to him, the situation in Ukraine’s Kherson province is normalizing. Around the clock, the air is being monitored, analyses of fruit and vegetables are being collected, as well as samples from water intakes and of soil. 548 children have been placed in wellness camps, including women with young children.

“I was with them literally yesterday. They feel good,” the governor added.

He also pointed out that a range of preventative actions have been taken in the Kherson province.

“An emergency commission is scheduled for tomorrow, where we will listen to reports from all the territorial divisions, especially the state eco-inspection, the state product services, medics, and all the organizations related to the diagnosis of this situation. In the event of a positive situation, we will make the decision to stop the preventative measures,” Hordeev concluded.

Since August 24, residents of Armyansk have complained of a bad smell in the air and a yellow film, similar to rust, on metal objects. On September 4, Russian authorities in the annexed Crimean announced that the Armyansk branch of Titan Investments would be suspended for two weeks in connection with an unacceptable concentration of sulfuric anhydride in the north of Crimea.

Two weeks of unplanned holidays have been announced in Armyansk. Children of school age and younger have been sent to Crimean health resorts, accompanied by their mothers, for preventative reasons.

Since September 6, Ukraine’s Kalanchak and Chaplynka checkpoints on the border with the annexed Crimea have been temporarily closed in connection with the ecological disaster. The Chonhar border crossing point is operating normally.

Ukraine has initiated a criminal case concerning the toxic emissions in Armyansk according to the article on “Pollution of atmospheric air”. Ukraine also intends to contact the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in connection with the incident.

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