Estonia announces its first joint exercises with the Swedish Air Forces

The Swedish Air Force, together with the Estonian Air Force will hold AFX18 exercises. Swedish fighters will be deployed to the Ämari Air Base near Tallinn, the website of the Estonian Defense Forces reports.

"These are the first joint exercises between the Estonian and Swedish Air Force after the restoration of independence," Estonian Air Force Colonel Riivo Valge said. His words are quoted on the Ministry’s website. He noted that the exercises provide an excellent opportunity to practice cooperation between the countries.

A total of eight Swedish Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighters and about a hundred military personnel will be deployed at the Ämari Air Base. During the exercises, both countries will conduct flights in Swedish and Estonian airspace around the clock. 3,500 soldiers from Estonia, Sweden, Finland, France and Spain will participate in the AFX19 exercises.

In April, The Washington Post reported that Locked Shields military exercises were held on the territory of Estonia, during which NATO servicemen worked out a response to a cyber-attack by an imaginary country called "Crimsonia." According to the newspaper, the imaginary country was Russia.

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