Estonian Defense Minister predicts difficult period for Ukrainian Armed Forces due to decreased western aid

Estonia's defense minister, Kusti Salm, has warned that Ukraine is entering a difficult period in the ongoing war, which will require significant efforts. Europe must take responsibility for its own security, ERR cites Kusti Salm as saying.

Salm believes this period of severe challenges will continue until Western support can help Ukraine achieve a balance in the conflict. He hopes that in the coming months, Europe will allocate resources to purchase long-range weapons for Ukraine.

"I think that day will come in the next couple of months. It will happen when the situation on the Ukrainian front becomes even more difficult, and the signals from across the ocean become even more puzzling. That will be the moment when Europe has to actually take responsibility for its own security," says the Estonian official.

Earlier, in an interview with CNN, the President of Ukraine mentioned that the Ukrainian Armed Forces  would be unable to maintain defense without US help. According to him, without such assistance, it would not only be difficult for Ukraine to achieve any new successes on the battlefield, but it would also be challenging to continue its defense efforts this year.

Additionally, the President emphasized that the European Union has provided less than half of the promised one million artillery shells to Ukraine, only reaching 30% of the committed amount.

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