Explosions rock Belgorod as Russian air defense intercepts missiles over the city

Early on Saturday morning, April 6th, the Russian city of Belgorod was jolted by powerful explosions. The Russian air defense was reportedly intercepting projectiles overhead, causing significant damage.

Sirens began wailing before 6:00 AM, followed shortly by blasts. The loudest were in the southern part of the city, where Russian air defense installations are likely located. They were shooting down missiles above the residential area, leading to debris raining down onto civilian infrastructure.

The Russian Ministry of Defense later reported it had intercepted 10 aerial targets approaching the city. However, footage from the scene suggests that the military engagement took place directly over Belgorod.

Russian authorities reported that 12 apartment buildings, a children's hospital, a sports complex, the "Gallery" shopping center, and vehicles were damaged, with no reported casualties.

The regional governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, claimed he nearly became a victim of the shelling himself as he was out jogging during the attack.

For the past several months, Belgorod has regularly appeared in military reports. This city, which the Russian army had used for the last two years to launch attacks on Ukraine, is now itself nearly daily being shelled. A large part of the population has left, with some children being evacuated. The region is also beginning to experience food shortages.

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