Families of mobilized Russian soldiers send mass pleas for help to Putin ahead of televised direct line event

Wives of mobilized individuals in Russia are mass sending their concerns and complains directly to the Russian President , Vladimir Putin, ahead of the televised direct line event scheduled for December 14th, reports "7x7 - Horizontal Russia". About 30 participants from the Samara "Path Home" chat group have reported sending text messages to the direct line, expressing concerns about the lack of vacations for mobilized individuals, the complicated procedure for receiving compensation for injuries, and other related issues.

According to the publication, some participants are planning to send these messages regularly and are encouraging other relatives of mobilized individuals to do the same.

In recent months, families of mobilized individuals in Russia have been increasingly demanding the return of their husbands who have served in the war in Ukraine for more than a year. They are calling for a limitation on the maximum period of military service to one year, comprehensive medical evaluations for all wounded individuals, and an expansion of the list of diseases that exempt individuals from military service. Unfortunately, local authorities have denied families the opportunity to hold rallies all over Russia, citing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Kremlin has refrained from commenting on these demands.

In November, a group of relatives of mobilized Russians published an appeal to the "multiethnic people of Russia". “This appeal is addressed to everyone, or rather a plea for help. Our tragedy is unfolding before your very eyes, which we cannot endure alone! We knocked on every door. Our state has turned away from those who were the first to respond to its call for help. First and foremost, from the mobilized themselves and their loved ones," their message reads.

The authors of the appeal call the mobilization a "terrible mistake". "We were punished for our law-abiding nature. Behind the veil of stability for the majority, our men pay with their blood, while we pay with our health and tears," the authors say. After the publication of the document, relatives of mobilized Russians organized a nationwide flash mob by using stickers with slogans using in support of the Russian war against Ukraine on their cars. Footage of participating vehicles was published by the Telegram channel "Path Home," which brings together relatives of mobilized individuals across the country.

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