Fourth missile strike in two weeks hits Luhansk, targeting Russian military installations

For the fourth time in the past two weeks, long-range missiles have reportedly hit Luhansk, putting Russian military installations near the local airfield at risk.

On June 7, up to ten explosions were heard in the temporarily occupied city of Luhansk. Videos from the scene show flashes several meters above the ground. Representatives of the occupation administration claimed an ATACMS attack and stated that all missiles were allegedly intercepted by air defence forces, as reported by Russian media outlet TASS on their Telegram channel.

Initial reports of explosions emerged at 11:02 a.m. Within 30 minutes, statements were released by two officials working for the Russians. A representative of the head of the local administration, Leonid Pasechnik, asserted that six ATACMS missiles were launched, purportedly from the direction of the city of Izyum. The head of the local "Ministry of Health" reported that there were about twenty injured.

Footage captured by residents shows columns of smoke and flashes, recorded at multiple locations and indicating several possible impact points.

Additionally, it has been reported that houses near the Luhansk Information Technology College sustained damage.

Explosions in Luhansk were also reported by the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Artem Lysogor. According to Lysogor, the southern and eastern parts of the city were particularly affected.

"Local observers counted between seven and 20 explosions, possibly including interception attempts and impacts on the city," said Lysogor.

Lysogor further indicated that explosions occurred near the Ostra Mohyla area, close to the barracks of the former Luhansk Higher Military Aviation School for Navigators, "where Russian occupiers have already settled in comfortably." The area nearby also includes an airfield, an aircraft repair plant, and a route to the Russian border, which the Russian Armed Forces use day and night to transport cargo, weapons, and personnel who are stationed in those barracks and around the site of the former regional military enlistment office.

"Reports also mention a hit on an oil depot—already the fourth time in the past two months. The strikes exclusively target long-established and developed military infrastructure of the occupiers. The weapons provided by our Western allies are extremely precise. Unfortunately, the Russians always use civilians as shields," noted the Regional Military Administration head.

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