German politicians urge Chancellor Scholz to supply Ukraine with Taurus missiles amid increasing Russian attacks

In Germany, Chancellor Olaf Scholz is facing increasing pressure from a range of political forces regarding whether Ukraine should strike targets within Russia amid increasing Russian attacks, and whether Germany should supply Ukraine with long-range precision Taurus cruise missiles, reports the newspaper Rheinische Post.

The publication notes that the Russian army continues to inflict mass strikes on Ukraine. Experts believe Russia is seeking to deplete Ukraine's supplies over the winter and destroy its energy supply systems. As Russian attacks intensify, Ukraine is becoming increasingly dependent on aid from Western partners, notably in the area of air defense.

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, head of the Bundestag's defense committee, believes that Ukraine need not "lag behind" in the war. However, the precondition for Kyiv’s resilience is the continuation of weapons support from all European countries.

A politician from the Free Democratic Party called for "not being afraid of our own courage," stating that Ukraine requires more ammunition, spare parts for Leopard 2 tanks, and, foremost, Taurus missiles. According to her, Germany "must finally" make this move to damage Russian logistics.

The defense policy spokesperson for the Greens in the German parliament, Sara Nanni, also considers it essential to supply Ukraine with Taurus missiles. She is convinced that such support is "long overdue." In addition, the lawmaker believes the government should consider the possibility of further assistance in strengthening Ukraine's air defense.

Christian Democratic Union representative Roderich Kiesewetter remarked that a lack of precision weapons for Ukraine's armed forces would allow the Russian army to fortify itself and its logistics routes. He emphasized, "Russia deems itself strengthened by the West's weakness."

Sara Nanni described attacks on enemy military targets within Russian territory and temporarily occupied areas as the most effective defense against Russian strikes, adding that such attacks by Ukraine are permitted under international law.

Kiesewetter added, "The Taurus is important because it is very efficient and allows for the destruction of logistical structures and command centers well beyond the front line." Specifically, the lawmaker mentioned the destruction of the Kerch Bridge as a means to hinder Russia's supply operations through Crimea.

As noted by the Rheinische Post, the louder these appeals from German officials become and the greater the suffering of Ukraine, the stronger will be the pressure on Scholz to change his stance on providing the long-range Taurus missiles.

A few days ago, Steffen Hebestreit, spokesperson for the German federal government, stated that official Berlin does not yet have plans to approve supplying Ukraine with long-range Taurus missiles. 

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