Germany and Italy will not take part in military operation in Syria

Germany does not intend to be involved in military action in Syria, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced, as reported by Die Welt.

Merkel also said that Berlin will nevertheless do all it can to demonstrate that the use of chemical weapons is inadmissible.

The day before, head of Germany’s “Greens” party Jürgen Trittin urged the German government to oppose the United States’ military response to the chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta. This idea also received support by other Bundestag politicians.

Italy will also not take part in a military campaign in Syria. A statement to this effect was made by Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni after a discussion with the country’s ministers of foreign affairs and defense, Interfax reports.
“Italy will not take part in combat in Syria,” he announced.

However, Gentiloni emphasized that the country would comply with its international and bilateral agreements, and provide its allies with logistical support.

The prime minister called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria.

“A stable and long-lasting solution in Syria can only be achieved through a peaceful settlement, and by providing space for the UN to act,” he believes.
Gentiloni shared his decision with with Chancellor Merkel in a phone call.

Following the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons in Syria on April 7, the USS “Donald Cook” approached the Syrian city of Tartus. The destroyer is equipped with 60 Tomahawk missiles.

In response to this, Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin said that Russia will shoot at any missiles fired by the US against Syria, as well as the devices they are launched from.

Trump subsequently advised Russia to “get ready” because the missiles “will be coming”. However, he later clarified that the missile strike may not take place immediately.

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