Germany seeks additional €3.8 billion in military aid for Ukraine

Germany's Ministry of Defence has requested additional funding for military aid to Ukraine from the government.

Berlin aims to increase the volume of military aid to Ukraine. The Ministry of Defence has requested an additional €3.8 billion from the German government for the procurement of weapons for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as reported by BILD.

Previously, Germany had already allocated €7.1 billion for military aid to Kyiv for 2024. The Ministry of Defence aims to raise the total amount of aid to almost €11 billion.

"The money will also be used to finance the replenishment of armaments that the Bundeswehr has provided to the Ukrainian army," BILD reported. This means that the funds will be used to purchase new weapons for the German army to replace those already supplied to Ukraine from existing stockpiles.

Out of the allocated €7.1 billion, almost all the funds are already planned for, except for €300 million. This amount is deemed insufficient by the Ministry of Defence.

German Defence Minister Pistorius has already discussed the need for additional spending with Chancellor Scholz and Finance Minister Lindner.

“Extra-budgetary expenditures are to be presented to the German parliament for approval in June,” BILD adds.

It is noted that for the upcoming year 2025, Germany's Ministry of Defence intends to spend a record €15 billion on military aid to Kyiv.

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