Germany to deliver second Patriot air defense system and other military support to Ukraine by end of 2023

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on Wednesday, December 13th, that the second Patriot air defense system will be delivered to Ukraine by the end of 2023.
During his speech in the Bundestag, the Chancellor stated that Ukraine's ability to defend itself against Russian drones and missiles has already improved and will further improve.

According to Scholz, Germany will deliver the second Patriot SAM system to Ukraine this year. The Chancellor added that Kyiv will also receive armored vehicles, ammunition, winter protective clothing for Ukrainian military personnel, and generators.
"All of this is extremely necessary for Ukraine right now. Because Russia has now fully dedicated its economy to supporting this war. Arms production in Russia is in full swing," he said.

Germany pledged to transfer the Patriot air defense system to the Armed Forces of Ukraine several months ago. At that time, the focus was on protecting the southern borders of Ukraine from attacks by Russian UAVs.
Germany has also approved a doubling of military aid to Ukraine (up to eight billion euros) for the next year.

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