Iran introduces next generation ballistic missile

On Monday, August 13th, the Iranian military introduced a ballistic missile of a new generation named Fateh. “Nothing will stop this missile,” reports the Tasnim agency, quoting the Iranian Minister of Defense Amir Khatami.

Khatami noted that the new short-range ballistic missile was “100 percent manufactured in Iran.” The missile’s technical specifications are not disclosed, but, according to the head of the Ministry of Defense, the missile has “maneuverability” and “high targeting accuracy.” According to the US Center for Strategic and International Studies, the maximum range of the previous generation of ballistic missiles was about 200 to 300 kilometers.

The Iranian missile program is one of the main topics of disagreement between Tehran and Washington. President of the United States Donald Trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, partly because the agreement does not set limits on the missile program. The Iranian authorities believe this is not a subject for discussion since this is an integral part of the national defense.

The more pressure put on Iran, the stronger the country’s desire to increase its defensive capabilities, stressed Amir Khatami, referring to the crisis in relations between Washington and Tehran. “We are not afraid to work hard to increase the country’s missile capabilities,” added the Iranian Minister of Defense.

In May, Donald Trump announced that the US is withdrawing from the nuclear agreement with Tehran. On August 7th, Washington resumed sanctions against Iran’s auto industry, its currency, and trades of gold and precious metals.

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