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  • Iranian MP: no one will be arrested for downing Ukrainian airliner near Tehran

    Hassan Noroozi, an Iranian lawmaker and spokesman for the parliamentary judicial committee, said no one had been arrested for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane near Tehran, contradicting official statements from the country's authorities., Al Arabia reports.

    In addition, he called the downing of the civilian airliner by the military "a good performance of duties".

    "The military has done its job well. The flight of the plane was very suspicious," he said.

    Noroozi said the plane was …

  • Iran asks Russia for $2 billion

    Iran has asked Russia for a $2 billion loan, announced Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak on Saturday after meeting with his Iranian colleague Reza Ardakanian.

    Tehran needs the money for a number of projects, including the construction of a thermal and a hydroelectric power plant, a railway line, and carriages for its metro system, Reuters cites Novak as saying.

    The figure named by the Iranian energy minister ahead of his trip to Moscow was somewhat larger, at $5 billion.

    However, Novak …

  • Russia is ready to invest $10 billion in projects in Iran

    Minister of Energy of Iran Reza Ardakanian after a meeting with Russian counterpart Alexander Novak  said in an interview with the IRNA news agency that Russia is ready to invest 10 billion dollars in the oil and gas industry of Iran.

    Commenting on the talks with the co-chairmen of the Russian-Iranian permanent intergovernmental commission held on September 2 in Moscow, Ardakanian said that good results were achieved and a new round of negotiations with the Russian side on expanding …

  • Tehran suspects Israel is being assisted by Moscow

    Tehran suspects that Moscow has given Jerusalem codes from the S-300 aerial defense systems, which enabled Israel’s multirole F-35 combat aircraft to stealthily penetrate Iran’s airspace, fly over several major cities (Tehran, Karajrak, Isfahan, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas) and carry out an aerial survey of the Islamic republic’s anti-air defense systems, the Qatari news agency Al Jarida reports.

    According to the Qatari journalists, the Israeli aircraft flew unhindered over virtually the entire …

  • Iran trying to oust Russia from Syrian Latakia

    Iran could obtain control over a container port in the Syrian province of Latakia. Negotiations between the leaders of the Islamic republic and representatives of Damascus are already underway, and it is possible that Israel could have Iranian specialists on its doorstep by autumn, reports Rambler news outlet. A stronger foothold for Tehran in Syria will create risks not only for the Hebrew state, but also for Russia, whose relations with Iran can hardly be described as a “strategic partnership” …

  • Iran asks Russia for $5 billion 

    The Iranian parliament approved a decision to borrow $5 billion from Russia in a session on Sunday. 

    According to MehrNews, the Iranian lawmakers voted for amendments to the budget law which would include Russian money on the list of state revenue sources for the coming financial year, which will begin on 21 March (the year 1398 according to the Persian calendar). 

    The funds will be allocated to infrastructural projects, including nuclear energy, electrical energy, railway transport, as well …

  • Tehran threatens Poland with diplomatic consequences for 'anti-Iranian conference'

    Iran is intensifying its diplomatic pressure on Poland in connection with an international conference in Warsaw on the future of the Near East and security policy in the region. On Sunday, January 13, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif called the conference a “circus” and an “expression of political confusion”.

    “This conference is a hostile initiative of the US, directed against Iran, and Tehran expects Poland to refuse to hold this event,” DPA cites Zarif as saying.

    Otherwise, Zarif …

  • Iran introduces next generation ballistic missile

    On Monday, August 13th, the Iranian military introduced a ballistic missile of a new generation named Fateh. “Nothing will stop this missile,” reports the Tasnim agency, quoting the Iranian Minister of Defense Amir Khatami.

    Khatami noted that the new short-range ballistic missile was “100 percent manufactured in Iran.” The missile’s technical specifications are not disclosed, but, according to the head of the Ministry of Defense, the missile has “maneuverability” and “high targeting accuracy.” …

  • Russia’s natural resource hegemony continues to decline

    With the lifting of sanctions against Iran and Tehran’s consequent participation in the global oil market, the price for Russia’s main export commodity—energy sources—continues to decline with no end in sight. With the fourth largest reserves in the world, Iran put its oil on the global market on Monday, contributing to oil prices dropping below $28 per barrel.

    What is more, the recent events in the Russian gas supply market exacerbate the situation, as traditional markets for Russian natural …