Iranian MP: no one will be arrested for downing Ukrainian airliner near Tehran

Hassan Noroozi, an Iranian lawmaker and spokesman for the parliamentary judicial committee, said no one had been arrested for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane near Tehran, contradicting official statements from the country's authorities., Al Arabia reports.

In addition, he called the downing of the civilian airliner by the military "a good performance of duties".

"The military has done its job well. The flight of the plane was very suspicious," he said.

Noroozi said the plane was allegedly "not under the control of Iranian air traffic controller, but was under American control." According to Noroozi , the plane was in Israel a week before the attacks and there "its security system was hacked and intercepted."

"Special facilities in Iran were the targets of the plane. Given that the plane was controlled by other countries, our military did a good job. Given this evidence, it would be pointless to arrest those involved," he said.

Noroozi stressed that those involved in the deadly plane crash will not be arrested.

A Ukraine International Airlines plane making a regular flight from Tehran to Kyiv crashed in Iran on the morning of January 8. 176 people from seven countries were killed, including 11 Ukrainians (nine crew members and two passengers).

Three days after the catastrophe, Iran admitted that it had inadvertently shot down the plane using a cruise missile. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has taken responsibility for the incident.

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