Israel closes air space over Golan Heights

Israel has closed  the air space over the Golan Heights to air traffic, ordering all passenger flights and cargo planes in Israeli airspace and lose to Syrian border to remain under 5,000 ft. altitude.
Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu  also warned Assad that any action against Israel will be dangerous for his regime.

According to the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the Israeli Defense Forces had been notified in advance about airstrikes on targets in Syria by the coalition.

Israeli media also reported that Benjamin Netanyahu prohibited the ministers of his cabinet to issue any public comments about the strikes of the coalition forces on targets in Syria.

Israel's defense forces (IDF) along the northern border have been put in increased combat readiness state. The IDF is concerned that the recent strikes on Syria can worsen the situation and provoke Iran’s reaction. Teheran already vowed earlier this week to respond to the previous strike by Israel on the Syrian air base.

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