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  • Israel carries out another attack on Syria

    On the night  July 24, Israel struck the targets in the area of Tell al-Hara in the North-West of the Daraa province, reports Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). Air defense systems of the Syrian Armed Forces were activated during the attack. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that is based in the UK, several people were killed during the attack as well as material damage was caused. The purpose of the attack, according to human rights activists, were facilities belonging to the …

  • Israeli pilot fires missile at Syria by mistake

    Yesterday evening a report appeared in the Israeli press that an Air Force pilot had inadvertently fired a missile at Syria.

    According to the information appearing in the media, the incident took place at the end of June, when the pilot was in the Golan Heights region, not far from the Syrian border.

    The pilot said that he was paying attention to a certain suspicious object and, without identifying it, fired a missile at it. The report adds that the pilot fired recklessly, without knowing …

  • Media: Russian drones and S-300 missile systems no threat to Israel

    Russia is actively utilizing the progress made by Israel for its own drone production program, often by borrowing technologies, reports Svobodnaya Pressa.

    Last year there was an incident where Israel’s aerial defense shot down a Russian-made drone over the Golan Heights. An analysis of the fragments showed that the drone was completely identical to a model used by the Israeli Air Force. “The only difference was that our apparatus had inscriptions in Cyrillic,” the Russian news outlet observes. …

  • Russian media: Israel jamming Syrian aerial defense systems due to poor missile success rates

    The Russian site claims to have learned that the actual success rate of Israeli attacks on targets in Syria is only 30-40%.

    “In light of this, Israel has begun to jam the Syrian aerial defense systems, in order to somehow improve the effectiveness of the attacks,” the authors write, without specifying their sources.

    Israel has not actually commented on its use of electronic warfare systems in an attack on Syria’s Al-Harra province. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alluded to …

  • Israel strikes Syrian missile launcher

    Aircraft of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacked a missile launcher in Syria after missiles were fired against an Israeli fighter jet, as reported on the Twitter page of IDF.

     “Earlier today, an Israeli fighter jet, during a routine flight in the north of the country, came under fire from the Syrian territory,”  the message reads.

    In response, the IDF attacked the missile launcher. “The IDF takes any threat to its aircraft seriously and will take action to defend them,” the military added. …

  • Russian media: Israeli tanks have entered Syria

    According to Russian state news agency Sputnik, Israeli tanks were spotted in the demilitarized zone between the Israeli and Syrian borders in the Golan Heights.

    According to Ali Hassan, a correspondent for the agency, Israeli tanks went past the Allon line, deep into the demilitarized zone approved by the UN in 1974 as a neutral territory bordering the separate forces after the Six-Day War.

    In response, Syrian units stationed on the other side of the neutral zone were put on maximum alert. …

  • Media: Netanyahu pitched Syrian settlement plan to Putin and Trump

    Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, presented his settlement plan for Syria to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the United States President Donald Trump, reports The Times of Israel, quoting an unnamed high-ranking official.

    The Times of Israel did not specify when the presidents of the United States and Russia received proposals for a Syrian settlement from the Israeli prime minister. According to the newspaper, Putin showed interest in Netanyahu’s plan.

    The official noted that …

  • Ukraine will not recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

    In a post on the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry website on 26 March, Spokesperson Kateryna Zelenko announced Ukraine’s official position on the matter of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights – to be guided by the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

    “The matter of the Golan Heights has been repeatedly considered by the UN Security Council, which has made corresponding decisions, especially resolutions No. 242 of 1967, No. 465 of 1980, and No. 497 of 1981. Our state continues to …

  • Kremlin: Russia to adjust Crimea communication strategy in light of Trump’s Golan Heights decision

    The Russian Foreign Ministry intends to adjust its communication strategy on Crimea in light of the US’s pledge to recognize Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, the department’s spokesperson Maria Zakharova wrote on Facebook in response to a statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

    On Saturday, a Sky News reporter suggested that by condemning the annexation of Crimea but recognizing the annexation of the Golan Heights, the US is demonstrating double standards in its policy. Pompeo …

  • Putin and Erdogan planning a new meeting in Moscow

    The Presidents of Russia and Turkey will hold talks in Russia for the third time this year. Russia-Turkey Cross-Cultural Year will open in April under the chairmanship of Putin and Erdogan.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are planning to hold a meeting on April 8 in Moscow. The heads of the two states will hold a meeting of the High-Level Cooperation Council, Press Secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday, March 23.

    The …