Israel strikes Syrian missile launcher

Aircraft of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacked a missile launcher in Syria after missiles were fired against an Israeli fighter jet, as reported on the Twitter page of IDF.

 “Earlier today, an Israeli fighter jet, during a routine flight in the north of the country, came under fire from the Syrian territory,”  the message reads.

In response, the IDF attacked the missile launcher. “The IDF takes any threat to its aircraft seriously and will take action to defend them,” the military added.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government agency SANA, citing a source in the military, reported about an Israeli strike against “one of Syria’s military facilities” in the Quneitra Governorate. According to the Syrian Agency, one soldier was killed and another one wounded as a result of the attack. A SANA reporter revealed that during the missile strike, a unit of military equipment was destroyed.

On May 18, missiles were fired at Damascus, the capital of Syria, from the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. As reported by the TV channel Al-Hadath, the target was a Damascus suburb containing Iranian military facilities and warehouses with ammunition and equipment. The news channel reported that the Israeli forces were responsible for the attack.

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