Klimkin wants to issue Ukrainian passports to Ukrainians living abroad

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin supports the provision of dual citizenship to Ukrainian living abroad.

“Ukrainians are forced to leave Ukraine and work abroad. This is not a disaster, but it is a great challenge for Ukraine. These people are also part of Ukraine,” the foreign minister said in an interview with the Kultura Radio Channel.

“I generally support dual citizenship for these Ukrainians and I consistently speak for it. I believe that we should just establish the criteria [ for such cases],” he said.

In February, Klimkin said in that the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was working with several deputies of the Verkhovna Rada on the draft law on dual citizenship (with the exception of Ukrainian-Russian citizenship).

Dual citizenship is not officially allowed in Ukraine. Nevertheless, tens of thousands of Ukrainians have passports of other countries.

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