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  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summons Hungarian Ambassador over Foreign Minister's statements

    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yegor Bozhok summoned Hungarian Ambassador Istvan Iydyarto after the comments of the Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, reports Evropeyskaya Pravda news outlet.

    "I have invited the Ambassador Iydyarto and asked him to explain the commentaries of Hungarian Minister Szijjártó at the Conference on reforms in Ukraine, which took place in Toronto. He stressed the need to apply a new approach in the development of Ukrainian-Hungarian relations …

  • Kyiv calls on international community to increase pressure on Russia to release Ukrainian sailors

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin reported on his Twitter that the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine "submitted a request and called on all Foreign Ministers from the friendly and partner countries to put pressure on Russia to implement the decision of the International Tribunal in Hamburg." Earlier International Tribunal ordered Russian authorities to release Ukrainian sailors.

    Klimkin believes that Ukraine should do "everything possible through political channels and National Maritime …

  • Ukraine hopes that the Council of Europe will not make unreasonable concessions to Russia

    Ukraine hopes that the Council of Europe will continue to be a model of democracy, and will not make unjustified concessions in favor of the largest violator-state of its principles and norms, according to the statement issued by  the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 70th anniversary of the Council of Europe.

    The Ministry noted that the Council of Europe is in crisis because of the actions of the Russian Federation.

    "We should note with sadness that Organization came to the 70th …

  • Ukraine to seek new sanctions for 'Russia’s passport aggression'

    The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest decree which broadens the categories of Ukrainian citizens who can obtain Russian passports through a simplified procedure.

    “This is another example of the Russian Federation’s gross violation of the norms of international law and the state sovereignty of Ukraine. The decree published today, as well as all previous and possible future superficially legal acts of Russia designed to grant Ukrainian citizens …

  • Ukraine calls on international community not to recognize Russian passports issued to Donbas residents

    The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has strongly objected to the centers in Russia where Russian passports are now being issued to Ukrainian citizens residing in the territories which are not under Ukraine’s control, and has urged the international community not to recognize such documents.

    “Ukraine asks its international partners not to recognize and not to accept documents issued by the Russian Federation to citizens of Ukraine who reside in the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces of …

  • Klimkin wants to issue Ukrainian passports to Ukrainians living abroad

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin supports the provision of dual citizenship to Ukrainian living abroad.

    “Ukrainians are forced to leave Ukraine and work abroad. This is not a disaster, but it is a great challenge for Ukraine. These people are also part of Ukraine,” the foreign minister said in an interview with the Kultura Radio Channel.

    “I generally support dual citizenship for these Ukrainians and I consistently speak for it. I believe that we should just establish the criteria [ …

  • Kyiv condemns visit by French politicians to Crimea

    The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has condemned a visit by French politicians to the Russia-occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

    In an official online statement, the Foreign Ministry stressed that the visit demonstrates a lack of respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and ignores the fundamental principles of international law and Ukraine’s own legislation.

    “They are also acting contrary to the official position of their own country, which decisively condemns Russia’ …

  • French officials and ex-politicians arrive in annexed Crimea

    The Russian media reported that officials from France have arrived in the Crimea. According to the Head of the Crimean Parliament Committee for Sanatorium-Resort Complexes and Tourism, Aleksey Chernyak, their visit is associated with the anniversary of the Crimea’s annexation.

    “French politicians led by Thierry Mariani have arrived in the Crimea. The official meeting took place at Simferopol airport,” the Russian news agency RIA Novosti Crimea quotes Chernyak as saying.

    According to the …

  • More than eighty-three thousand Ukrainians received Russian citizenship in 2018

    Interfax-Ukraine reported, quoting statistics of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, that 83,081 Ukrainians received Russian citizenship in 2018.

    In part, from January to December 83,081 Ukrainians received Russian citizenship. Also, during this period, the Russian authorities approved 64,861 residence permits to Ukrainians (currently 170,638 Ukrainians reside in the Russian Federation).

    In addition, in 2018, 77,075 Ukrainians received permission to temporarily live in Russia (currently …

  • Ukraine will not allow Transnistrian diplomatic mission in Kyiv

    The speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kateryna Zelenko, said that Kyiv will not agree to open a "diplomatic representation" of the unrecognized republic of Transnistria in Ukraine. 

    "We already have diplomatic representation, and this is a representation of Moldova," said Zelenko as quoted by news outlet. 

    According to her, Ukraine, as a guarantor country, will continue its efforts in the Transnistrian settlement. 

    Earlier the leader of unrecognized Transnistria, Vadim …