Putin plans to visit Serbia

Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov’s said that the preparation of a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Serbia is underway, RIA Novosti. According to Peskov, the visit agenda is being prepared currently.

On January 7th, Putin signed a decree awarding the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic with the Order of Alexander Nevsky. According to the Kremlin, the Serbian leader was awarded this award for “a great personal contribution to developing mutual cooperation” with Russia.

In early October, talks between Putin and Vucic took place in Moscow. The Serbian President indicated that he was satisfied with the results of the negotiations with his Russian colleague. He also thanked Putin for the preservation of the territorial integrity of Serbia and international law. Vucic noted that Putin’s visit to Serbia could take place soon.

In addition, the Serbian leader complained to his Russian colleague about “provocations on a daily basis” that Belgrade faces. He stressed that the situation in the Western Balkans is complex, and the issues of Kosovo and Metohija remain unresolved.

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