Kremlin: meeting between Putin and Trump in Argentina may not happen

The meeting between the presidents of Russia and the US Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump remains up in the air. After the cancellation of talks in Paris during the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, the discussions in Argentina at the G20 summit are also at risk.

Interfax reports that spokesman for the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov stated that the American side is slow in preparing a meeting that Putin publicly asked for from Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton.

According to Peskov, Moscow noticed the information regarding Trump’s intention to reduce the time spent in Argentina to one day.

“Therefore, we don’t know yet how this correlates with such meetings,” said Peskov.

He added that there are no concrete agreements with Washington yet, and a lack of confidence is “growing every day” if these talks will take place.

“We need to sit down and talk. Moscow is worried about the situation with the agreement regarding short and intermediate-range missiles that the US announced in October. The Europeans are worried. We are worried. There is no certainty regarding the fate of this document. Most importantly, what will happen with these missiles throughout the world is also unknown,” stated Peskov.

However, he added, “the circumstances of our American colleagues are constantly changing. Maybe they will change for us as well, therefore, for now, there are no agreements set in stone,” said Peskov.

At a work breakfast in Paris, Putin and Trump were not able to converse; they greeted each other, however, did not have an opportunity to talk. When leaving, they said to each other: “till next time,” stated Peskov.

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