Kremlin praises Kim Jong-un's negotiation skills

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the talks between the Russian and DPRK leaders. In particular, he emphasized the professionalism and preparedness of Kim Jong-un, reported TASS.

“Kim Jong-un has an excellent grasp of the material and was very responsive, well-informed on all topics and has his own position. He gives off the impression of a quite experienced, well-educated and very balanced leader,” said the president’s press secretary.

Peskov also noted that when dealing with issues related to the DPRK, the United States acts out of self-interest. Russia, on the contrary, is building relations with Pyongyang because the countries are neighbors and are located in the same region.

“North Korea is our neighbor, we share a common border, and when we deal with North Korea, we are dealing with our region," he said. "When Americans deal with North Korea, they are dealing with our region, not theirs.”

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