Kremlin prepares to change power in Belarus

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service is working on creating a pro-Russian party "Right of the People" in Belarus which will advocate for integration with Russia but will oppose Alexander Lukashenko.

The Kremlin and Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service have developed a so-called "plan B" for Belarus to overthrow the country's head Alexander Lukashenko, reports the Russian publication The Insider with reference to the correspondence of Chief of the Russian Presidential Directorate for Interregional Relations and Cultural Contacts with Foreign Countries, Vladimir Chernov, who is also the General in the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

The published documents indicate that the Kremlin is actively working to maintain full influence over Belarus. To do this, among other things, efforts are being made to create a pro-Russian and Kremlin-controlled party," the Right of the People”, which will oppose Lukashenko, but will advocate for close integration with Russia.

One of the published documents entitled "Strategy of work in the Republic of Belarus" outlines Russia’s main tasks in Belarus. Among them is achieving presence in all opposition structures of Belarus, establishing the party and recruiting 1.2 thousand members, the creation of information infrastructure to maintain influence "in any scenario." The latter implies active work with Belarusians through social networks, including YouTube and Telegram.

Unknown persons also leaked Chernov's report on Belarus, which was probably presented at one of the meetings in the Kremlin in early October. The report says that Lukashenko is losing power in Belarus. The general's speech also notes the need to reform the Constitution in Belarus, transfer power to the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus and introduce political forces loyal to the Kremlin there.

The program of the party "Right of the People", which the Kremlin intends to create, also leaked into Social Networks. In it, which is very important, the party the opposes "violent revolutions."

The documents clearly show that Moscow is preparing for Belarus’ transition to a parliamentary-presidential form of government.

The documents also talk about the large-scale privatization of the state sector of Belarus, in which, according to rumors, Russian oligarchs hope to take an active part.

According to forecasts, already this winter Russia can organize the first congress of the new party created for Belarus.

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