Kremlin calls Russian agent Butina detained in the US 'a political prisoner'

Maria Butina, who is detained in the US on suspicion of working as a foreign agent, is a political prisoner, stated at a press briefing the deputy director of the Department of Information and Press of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Artyom Kozhin.

Kozhin said that he believes that Butina’s arrest is due solely to the motives of American domestic and foreign policy. He stated that Moscow demands US authorities to immediately stop arbitrariness and release Butina.

According to Kozhin, certain US political forces acting in their own selfish interests invented a story about Russia interference in US elections, and with the purpose of tarnishing Russia, sent Butina to prison on an “absolutely fabricated charges.”

  Butina was detained only because of her being Russia, said Kozhin. “What is it, if not an actual witch hunt?” explained Kozhin. He expressed concern that such actions can be directed against any Russian in the United States.

Maria Butina is accused violating U.S. law, falling under a legal provision that defines anyone attempting to influence the U.S.’s foreign policy for a foreign government as a “foreign agent.” According to these accusations, Butina worked with a high-powered Russian official and two unidentified U.S. citizens to attempt infiltration of a U.S. Pro-Gun Rights Organization. Additionally, Butina and her colleagues allegedly worked to influence the United States’ foreign policy toward Russia.

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