Kyiv: deliveries of western fighter jets to Ukraine may be unblocked soon

The issue of providing Ukraine with long-range weapons and fighter jets can be resolved, said the  Head of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration, Andriy Yermak.

"The issue around long-range weapons and fighters for Ukraine can be resolved soon. Details will be a little later?" Yermak wrote on Telegram.

During a speech in the British Parliament, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, presented the Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle with a helmet of a Ukrainian fighter pilot and called on the West to provide Ukraine with fighter jets.

After his visit to London on February 8, the President of Ukraine landed in Paris for talks with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. On February 9, Zelensky together with Macron arrived in Brussels for the EU summit.

The journalist of the German newspaper Bild are confident that Zelensky managed to persuade the leaders of Germany and France to provide Ukraine with military aircraft and long-range weapons.

During the talks with Macron and Scholz, the of Ukrainian President made it clear that only aircraft and long-range weapons will be able to bring a quick end to the war.

Bild reports that Macron and Scholz have not yet given a final answer, but the 9th Ramstein meeting will take place soon, where this topic will be discussed.

The deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU party, Thorsten Frei, called on the German government not to provide Kyiv with fighter jets. According to him, so far, no country in the world has supplied Ukraine with combat aviation, which means that Germany should not be the first to do this.

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