Kyiv: Russia has run out of Iranian kamikaze drones

The speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force Command, Yuri Ignat, said that the Russian troops have not used Iranian kamikaze drones for several weeks. This is not so much because of the cold weather, but because the shipment of drones delivered by Iran has been used up, said Ignat at a briefing.

"For several weeks, the use of kamikaze drones of the Shahed type has not been observed. There are different opinions, factors and signs that suggest that probably the first batch that the occupiers received has been used up," Ignat said.

According to him, Russia ordered more than 1700 drones. They have already used more than 1400 in Ukraine, and approximately 350 were shot down by the Ukrainian air defense.

Answering the question if the weather conditions affect the use of drones, Ignat said that partially - yes, because it’s not every day that the weather is not suitable for flying them.

"They haven't used them for about three weeks. There are signs that perhaps their first batch has ended. So far, there is no information that Iran will supply Russia with more of these weapons," the Air Force spokesman said.

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